VRX Racing Nitro Starter Kit 1/8 1/10 Gas RC Glow Plug Igniter Tools & Fuel Bottle

VRX Racing

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  • Tools and Equipment to help you get started in Nitro RC
  • Glow Plug Igniter with Charger
  • Squeeze Fuel Bottle
  • 2 Screw Drivers and 4-way Socket Tool
  • Wheel Nut Hex Driver Tool
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This is a Nitro Starter kit that comes with many helpful tools when you are starting out with Nitro RC.  It comes with a squeeze fuel bottle, two screwdrivers Phillips and flathead, two 4-way hex tools, and a glow plug igniter with charger.  There is a rechargeable battery in the glow plug igniter that you can recharge with the wall adapter charger.  The larger hex tool is good for changing the glow plug or for changing your vehicles wheels.  The smaller hex tool is better for your small repairs and maintenance.  All you will need is some nitro fuel and with this kit you should have everything you need to get started in 1/10 or 1/8 scale nitro RC racing.

Part Number: H0022